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Admissions & Withdrawal

St. Anthony’s Convent School is an unaided Christian minority School run by Franciscan sisters Trust .Provisions of RTE Act on admissions are not applicable to Minority schools.

  Admission –


  • The Management reserves to itself the right of admission.
  • The students of St. Anthony's Pre-Primary School are automatically admitted to the school in class I. Registration for class I-IX (if vacancies exist) is done in March/April. Minimum age required for admission to class I is six years as on 31st March of the respective academic year. Admission to higher or lower classes will be governed by this rule. An attested copy of the official birth certificate must be produced for those who have not attended any school previously.
  • 2a   No child will be admitted to a particular class unless she passes a test which proves that class.
    2b.  No student will be admitted without   a T.C from the school last attended.
    2c. Transfer certificate from a school outside Delhi must be countersigned by the education officer of the district concerned.
    2d. Fees paid at the time of admission are not refundable.31 July will be the last day of admission for the academic year.

There will be no admission to STD X &XII.


N.B. It is mandatory for all students of class XI to be members of St Anthony’s old student’s association for future alumni benefits.

1. Disciplines offered:

Science Humanities Commerce
1. Core English
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Biology/eco/C++
5.Mathematics/informatics practices
1. Core English
2. Political science
3. History
4. Economics
5.Mathematics/informatics practices
1. Core English
2. Principles of commerce
3. Accountancy
4. Economics
5.Mathematics/informatics practices

Elective subjects will be functional only if a minimum of 12 students opt for it.

2. Admission to class XI begins in April based on the all round performance of the student throughout class IX   and class X and sound character and conduct.

3. Eligibility

Science Maths, Science 9 grade point and above in both   Subjects + overall performance.
Commerce Maths, Science 8 grade point and above in both  
Subjects + overall performance
Humanities Social studies, English 6 grade point and above in both  
Subjects + overall performance


4. Please note students are required to have 75 % attendance both in class IX & X.

The admission however will be barred to those students who for serious reasons of breach of discipline are a threat to the general well being of other students and also for serious negligence of studies such as-

a) Students who have been promoted in any class from VI onwards without securing minimum passing marks.
b) Students whose parents do not attend the parent teacher meeting or whose report cards remain uncollected after examinations
c) Students who have been regularly defaulting in doing homework and not submitting it for correction.
The decision of the principal in the allotment of the stream to the students of class XI is final.



All dues must be cleared, books and other school property items returned before the child is withdrawn and transfer certificate obtained.

Duplicate copies of T.C may be issued on payment of ₨ 100/- All T.C applications will be processed within maximum period of 5 days.