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St. Anthony's Sr. Sec. School

  • Our Mission is to make the school an agent of change and transformation by training the young minds to be spiritually rooted, intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole culturally integrated, socially responsible, growing in harmonious interpersonal relationships, imbued with a deep sense of noble values and concern for the less fortunate and ever open to further growth.



From the Principal's Desk

Though a school can do a lot for a child, it cannot do everything. Home is the place where she gets her first education and training in citizenship. School is the place where her character is formed and developed.

School education indeed promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities that are in the children. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your child, maximum co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is necessary. The task of helping our children to become good citizens is
done better through partnership between the school and parents.

The school desires to have your co-operation and close contact with the teachers of your children in order to
develop an atmosphere that is conducive to better and more effective education. This handbook is one of the links which bridges the gap between home and the school. It will be an effective medium for parent-teacher contact.

As your child advances in age, guide her to become a resourceful and useful member of the family,
society and the country. Encourage self-help for work and study. She should be taught to keep her room
tidy, make her own bed, polish her own shoes, carry her own bag etc. The formation of such habits early
in life inculcates in her the idea of dignity of work, which is a fundamental personal virtue necessary for a
successful career in life.